Rainbow RGB Fan + Control Module + Remote Control




This fan installation must be connected to the control board interface in the order of FAN1-FAN6. For example, three fans can be inserted into FAN1-FAN3, and FAN4/FAN5/FAN6 interfaces cannot be inserted.

 One option is rainbow RGB fan, one option is a control version + remote control, need to be photographed, a controller can be inserted up to 8 fans, a single option is not shipped, 16 million colors, hundreds of modes: Monochrome breathing, multicolor breathing, flashing flash, marquees, breathing lights, can be turned off, speed change color, colorful! Need more fans, or bulk purchases, please contact online customer service, this fan is suitable for high-end transparent gaming chassis, so that the chassis bid farewell to monotonous more out of color!

Express delivery within 10-20 days in major regions


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