SKU: PCE164P-N03 VER006C

1: The graphics card power supply uses 4 black solid capacitors, making the video card power supply more stable and safe.
2: The riser card with dual 6PIN and large 4PIN interface 12V to strengthen DC-DC to enhance power supply, so that the graphics card power supply independent from the motherboard, so when you replace the graphics card to reduce the burden on the motherboard.
3: The graphics card slot uses the original imported connector, and the graphics card and the connector are in better contact.
4: PCI-E connector uses multi-layer shielded wire, up to 3M can be connected without attenuating the signal.
5: The USB cable is soft and stable, the cabling is convenient, and the graphics card can be freely placed.
6: The slot is equipped with a fixed clip, which makes it easier to disassemble the graphics card and fix the graphics card. The graphics card will not fall out of the slot.
7: The wire uses the most stable factory-extracted wires currently used for mining (the one is kept confidential) to ensure signal integrity.
8: The USB cable on the market has not yet braided shielded nets, and the quality is quite poor, so it will be very unstable. Please be aware of this. (Not all lines can be used for mining)


Package include
A: PCI-E mainboard*1

B: 16X mainboard*1



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